1. The Delta Golden Wings Roster— To Obtain the roster:
  • You must be a member of the Delta Golden Wings
  • Rosters are sent out by email when they are updated – usually three times per year.  The latest Roster is dated October 8, 2020.
  • Please contact info@deltagoldenwings.com if you need a roster.

Please contact webmaster@deltagoldenwings.com if you have any questions.

  1. 2Membership Benefits:Delta Golden Wings is a fraternal organization of retired Delta Pilots (and spouses) and all active Delta Pilots who have reached the age of 50. We invite you to join.

Why join? The benefits include:

  • A roster of all our members is published annually and includes the address, phone number and email address of each of our members. In the time since retirement it becomes more difficult to keep up with our retired colleagues. Our roster is an excellent resource to be able to keep up with your Delta pilot friends. Since company policy will not allow this type of information to be given to other retirees, this is the one best way to keep up.
  • Emails from DGW concerning events pertinant to retirees
  • An annual Fly-in/Drive-in at Peach State Airport in Williamson, GA.
  • Annual reunions in different cities to see some of the same friends we worked with over the years.
  • Annual Christmas party located in Dunwoody, GA.

Annual Reunions:

  • In 2017,the annual reunion was in New Orleans, LA,will be in Lexington, KY.
  • In 2018, we were in Denver, CO.
  • In 2019 we were in Philadelphia, PA
  • In 2020 we will be in Nashville, TN – August 27 – 31. (Cancelled due to Covid – 19)
  • 2021 TBA
  • All feature city tours, banquets and plenty of good fellowship. Spouses or a guest are most welcome as well.

The membership cost is just $20 a year ($10 per year for surviving spouse).

Payment is now available via FREE Zelle money transfers:

ZELLE Payment to DCCU.  ZELLE APP also works. Check your bank to see if they offer Zelle.

  1. Log on to your DCCU account
  2. Click on Transfers
  3. Click on External Transfers
  4. Click on Send Money with Zelle
  5. Make your payment to:     treasurer@deltagoldenwings.com
  6. Please make a Comment in Zelle Reason area: ie. Dues, new phone number, etc.

Here’s hoping you will join Delta Golden Wings!

  1. Membership Application Form:

Please click the below link to display the form – then print or email it and send it and your check to the address below.

For Zelle, just make your transfer and send a note with Zelle.

Delta Golden Wings Membership Application Form

mail to:

Treasurer – Delta Golden Wings, Inc.

11029 Wonderland Trail

Dallas, TX 75229

  1.  DGW ByLaw Excerpt re: Membership and Dues:


As Amended September 30, 2018

At the Denver, Colorado Annual Business Meeting

 [Latest change to bylawsshown in bold]


Organization Name and Location

Section 1. The name of this organization shall be “Delta Golden Wings, Inc.”

Section 2. The home of this organization shall be that of the principle officer or as may be designated from time to time by the Board of Directors.


Organization Purpose

Section 1. The purpose of Delta Golden Wings, Inc. is to maintain and continue close friendships and association of the members and to promote their general welfare.


Membership and Dues

Section 1. Regular Members shall be limited to pilots who are flying for Delta Air Lines, Inc. or to pilots who have flown for Delta Air Lines, Inc. or any company which has been merged into Delta Air Lines, Inc. and who has reached the age of fifty (50). The membership shall also be limited to spouses of active members of Delta Golden Wings, Inc. and to surviving spouses of eligible Delta pilots. The surviving spouses must not have remarried.

Section 2. In addition to regular members, there shall be: Honorary Members. Award of such membership shall be by a majority vote of the members present at the annual reunion business meeting.

Section 3. Dues shall be determined by the Board of Directors and approved by a 2/3 vote of active members in attendance at the annual business meeting.  Dues are considered current if paid on or before January 31stof each year. Honorary members and members upon attaining age of 90 have no dues requirement.

Section 4. The voting body at the business meeting shall consist of members whose dues have been paid and are current.


Officers and Their Duties

Section 1. The officers of this organization shall be a president, vice-president, membership chairman, secretary and treasurer. The officers and immediate past president shall constitute the Board of Directors. These officers will pay their own personal expenses at the annual reunion but shall be reimbursed any submitted charges related to the performance of their respective duty(ies) during the time period of which they serve.

Section 2. The Board of Directors shall have the power to transact the general business of the organization and shall arrange and control the current affairs.

Section 3. The President shall exercise supervision over all affairs of the organization and call and preside over each meeting. He shall also be responsible for the editing and publishing of a newsletter and/or magazine for such time period as voted upon by the Board of Directors. He will be responsible for signing all checks along with the treasurer.

Section 4. The vice-president shall execute such duties as are assigned to him by the president.

Section 5. The secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings called by the president and shall execute other duties as are assigned to him by the president.

Section 6. The treasurer shall handle the financial affairs of the organization, submit a financial report at each annual reunion and advise the Executive Board on transactions that occur at least every quarter. The President and Treasurer shall jointly authorize all expenditures needed for operations.

The treasurer shall maintain a current roster of members, listing of dues that have been paid, and the primary address, phone number(s) and the email address along with any other information he deems pertinent to each currently paid-up member. He shall also execute such other duties as are assigned to him by the President.

Section 7. The membership chairman shall adopt methods of recruiting new members and take any action necessary to maintain current members. He shall execute other duties as are assigned to him by the president.

Section 8. All contracts entered into by the organization (Delta Golden Wings, Inc.) shall be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors and signed by the president and another Board member.

Section 9. The Board of Directors shall have the responsibility annually to appoint/reappoint a historian, a newsletter/magazine editor and a webmaster (website manager). That should normally be accomplished at the annual reunion business meeting. Should a vacancy exist in any of these positions during the following year, the president along with other members of the Board of Directors will seek a replacement to fulfill the respective appointed position until the next annual reunion business meeting.


Election of Officers

Section 1. All candidates for office shall be nominated and elected as provided for in this Article.

Section 2. The nominating committee shall be a standing committee appointed by the president and approved by the Board of Directors. It shall be comprised of a chairman and two members. The terms of the initial members will be of staggered terms of one, two and three years. After the service of the initial members, each member shall serve on the committee for three years. It will be the duty of the nominating committee to recommend to the president a replacement for each outgoing member of the committee. The chairman will be selected by the president in agreement by such member asked to chair the committee. The duty of the nominating committee is to select candidates for office whenever a vacancy is due. Each candidate shall be presented by the nominating committee chairman at the reunion business meeting. Candidates for office other than those nominated by the committee may be nominated from the floor by individual members. Nominations will not be considered without the consent of the nominee.

Section 3. Election of the officer(s) presented shall be by a show of hands and a majority voting shall rule. In extenuating circumstances, written ballots may be used to elect one or more officer positions.

Section 4. The president, vice-president, membership chairman, secretary and treasurer positions shall be occupied by either active/retired members who have reached the age of fifty-five.

Section 5. Officers will hold office until replaced or re-elected at the annual reunion business meeting. Shall the president by unable to serve during his term of office, he shall be replaced by the vice-president until a newly elected president is elected at the next annual reunion. Should another officer be unable to serve during his term, he shall be replaced by a vote of the Board of Directors until a new officer is selected for that position at the next annual reunion. Duration of each officer position is as follows: President, 1 year; Vice-President, 1 year; Membership Chairman, 1 year; Secretary, 2 years and Treasurer, 3 years.

Section 6. Newly elected officers at each annual reunion shall assume their duties as of the first day of the New Year so as to have officers serving their respective terms of office during a full calendar year.



Section 1. The organization shall hold an annual reunion at a place voted on by attendees at earlier reunions by a majority vote. The date of such reunion will be decided on by the president after consideration of by the Board of Directors of favorable travel time, availability of flights to/from the reunion city and consideration of hotel availability and overall cost of activities. In extenuating circumstances (last minute problems that might arise at a given location), the Board of Directors will make a final decision as to the location of that reunion. Members may bring one or more guests to a reunon should the space be available and proper registration cost payment is made in advance for either a full or reduced-participation for scheduled activities.


Amendments to Bylaws

Section 1. These Bylaws may be amended only at a the annual business meeting by a 2/3 vote of active members in attendance.

Section 2. All scheduled reunion attendees shall receive a copy of suggested revisions to these Bylaws a minimum of 30 days prior to the beginning of such reunion and these shall be sent either by U.S. mail or via members e-mail.



The provisions of the Georgia Nonprofit Corporation Code Article 8, Part 5, are hereby incorporated by reference into these Bylaws