Candler Field Youth Aviation Program

In 2013, the Candler Field Museum’s board of directors established the Candler Field Youth Aviation Program with the purpose of sharing knowledge of aircraft-related subjects with young people who have a keen interest in pursuing a career in aviation. The banquet and Award Ceremony was held at the Candler Field Museum. Learn More About the Candler Aviation Museum Youth Aviation Program

The Delta Golden Wings Scholarship of $1500

The Delta Golden Wings decided to start a scholarship to this program at the 2018 membership meeting in Denver; the first to be given in 2019. The scholarship was approved to be awarded annually to a deserving candidate. This will occur for a five year test period. The Delta Golden Wings encourages young men and women to strive for a career in aviation. To become an airline pilot requires commitment and perseverance, and education is as important as flight training. A recipient will have a strong desire to become a pilot, with the intention of earning a college degree. The Delta Golden Wings scholarship is awarded annually to an individual in the Youth Aviation Program to obtain their private pilot certificate. The individual will receive $500 after soloing, $500 after passing their FAA written exam and $500 once the private pilot certificate has been received.

Scholarship Recipients

Caleb Stenelle


The DGW scholarship is awarded annually to an individual in the Ron Alexander Youth Aviation Program. The $1500 scholarship encourages young men and women to strive for a career in aviation. The recipient will have a strong desire to become a pilot and value education. The individual will receive $500 after soloing, $500passing the written exam and $500 when awarded the private pilot license.

To date four scholarships have been given: Ellie McGinnis, 2019; Logan Parker, 2020; Caleb Stanelle, 2021; the fourth, and 2022 recipient is Mykel Villoria.

Mykel’s desire to become a pilot began in middle school. “I knew what my career would be when I grew up. From playing simulator to attending aviation camps, my hobbies and activities are dedicated toward aviation.” With the scholarship he will “use the money to aid in [his] journey toward becoming a pilot.”

Mykel is a junior attending East Coweta High School. He has a verified 94% GPA. He was highly recommended by Dave Whittington, PhD, director of the Central Education Center (CEC) Fundamentals of Aerospace Course. “I believe Mykel has the superior drive, acumen, discernment and ability to achieve at a high level in anything he chooses in life; especially goal of becoming a pilot.”

Joe Reheiser, director of RAYAP, led a group which included himself and four mentors to evaluate the applicants. In addition to their applications the following criteria were considered:

1. Responsible and accountable
2. Completes jobs and tasks
3. Positive attitude
4. Motivated to learn
5. Team player
6. Initiative and motivation
7. Listens well
8. Committed to the RAYAP
9. Works will with others
10. Accepts criticism and feedback

Joe Reheiser: “Mykel’s application was near the top of the list of applicants, and he received very high scores for the criteria shown above. He’s been in the program less than a year and already has over 150 volunteer hours! He’s a joy to work with and is exactly the kind of young man who deserves to receive the scholarship this year.”

Caleb Stenelle


Caleb attends the Northgate High School in Sharpsburg, Georgia, and maintains a 3.35 GPA. He was highly recommended by Dave Whittington, Aviation Director of CEC (Central Education Center) in Newnan, Georgia. “He is a person of high integrity, intelligence, and motivation.” He has signed up for ground school and will likely begin flying in January. Caleb has struggled to overcome extreme shyness but has gained confidence through his force of will. Joe Reheiser says he attends virtually every shop session and thinks winning the DGW scholarship “has done wonders for his motivation

Logan Parker


Logan was bitten by the aviation bug and made extraordinary strides in pursuing his ultimate objective to become an airline pilot. He has dedicated almost 450 hours to YAP, kept his GPA in the top 5% of his class, while participating in track and cross country, and working part time jobs. He is well on this way toward his private license. He has passed his written exam and soloed. Congratulations. Logan will pursue a degree in Aviation Science and Management at Middle State Georgia University.

Ellie McGinnis


Ellie attends Community Christian School in Stockbridge, Georgia.  She maintains a 4.0 GPA while taking advanced placement courses.  Her school requires 120 hours of community service, but Ellie has completed over 642 hours.  She is a member of the National Honor Society, is involved in student government and played first chair saxophone. She is the captain of her basketball team, and she is on the school track team.  She is a volunteer at her church, and she has been on mission trips to Guatemala and Jamaica. Ellie plans to attend Middle Georgia University and major in Aviation Science. Congratulations, Ellie!”
In her thank you note to the Delta Golden Wings, Ellie wrote: “It humbles me to know that I was chosen out of all the other extremely qualified candidates. Thank you for giving back to the aviation community through this scholarship.”